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Key features

Laurum Online offers a variety of ways and reasons to fight your fellow players. Battle against players of other guilds as you encounter each other in the world, or become a lonely wolf that hunts other players as you see them. On the other hand if you want to test your power without he consecuences of Open PVP, you can join the arena and fight others.

Items can be found in various rarities, being imbued with special modifications that grant passive buffs to their wielder. These modifiers can also be crafted with currencies which enchants another modifier to the item or rerolls it.

You can also upgrade your items, increasing its base damage

Trading is the act of exchanging items between characters. In Laurum Online, this happens between two players. Trading is an essential part of the game, and unlike many other games there is no auction house. Instead players need to meet up before they can complete the transaction.

Multiple active/passive skills, buffs, debuffs and more!.

A skill can only be used when learned (equipped or invested skill points into), and the total number of skills character may have at a time is limited.

Play a support class and take care of your friends by buffing their attributes or you can also buff yourself or debuff others (slow, stun, etc).

Our buff system allow us to add new buffs in a matter of hours.

Laurum Online player versus player (PvP) system allows players to settle their own differences. Playing the hunter or the hunted adds flavor to the game.

Through Laurum Online's advanced PK (Player-Killing) system, players can readily engage each other in combat while in specially assigned areas (above level 40). This prevents rampant kill stealing (where players keep following you and killing your enemies to steal exp and items) and lets players settle disputes among themselves.

If you are attacked by an enemy without provocation, your character's self defense becomes activated. A character whose self defense is activated will not be penalized even though he kills the attacker in self-defense. In the event that an attacker wins a battle, the attacker will be given negative karma.

Everyone starts out with a Commoner status with the player's name in green. Each Player-Kill (or PK) of a fellow player whose name is in a "blue" or "green" colour will increase your murderer/killer status.

Your 1st player kill will change the colour of your name to "orange". The next player kill you commit while your name is coloured "orange" will change the colour to "red". Then, killing yet another player while your name is coloured "red" will change it to a darker red colour, the 3rd Killer Status. To shorten your murderer status, you will need to kill monsters.

If a player with commoner status kills another player with a murderer status in either the 2nd or the 3rd degree, then he/she will gain the Hero status.



As a mystic, the Wizard is adept in magical attacks and crowd control. Their cloth robes makes them somewhat fragile but their power is immense.

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Warriors are an up-front and in-your-face melee class. With their sword and shield they provide outstanding offense and defense.

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Hunters are proficient at dealing deadly attacks from a distance. Proper kiting and hitting the enemy's weak point is their key to success

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Paladins are blessed by the gods with invaluable healing magic!. Don't underestimate the capabilities of this holy champion

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